script division

CINEMARIA's script division is a "one-stop" script shop providing screenwriting, story editing, series development and script doctoring services on international animation and live action co-productions.

Our reputation is based on combining the talent of our writing teams with a practical approach to managing the different concerns of all production and broadcasting partners involved. With each script we strive to achieve a great story, told by strong characters, in a way that meets all broadcaster standards.

Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, we're uniquely positioned to incorporate script notes coming at us in English or French and respond with creative solutions meeting both North American and European expectations. We've had lots of experience with producers and broadcasters, and we work only with writers who can consistently deliver creative material that meets all international standards.

Whether you need bible and series development, scriptwriting, or story editing, CINEMARIA gets the job done for you, on time, on budget, and onto the next series…



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