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Man-Made Women

Venezuela boasts beautiful women as one of its main international "exports" and holds the unique distinction of having won the most combined Miss Universe and Miss World titles of any country, worldwide. It also holds the dubious records of performing the most cosmetic surgery in the world and for selling the greatest number of cosmetic products per capita. In a word, Venezuela takes beauty very seriously.

Candid and entertaining, Man-Made Women takes an "up close and personal", behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to meet Venezuela's standard of beauty, following two high-profile contestants and their stylists as they compete for the coveted title of Miss Venezuela 2000. Showcased is the trust these women place in the primarily gay men who dictate how to look, walk, talk, and represent an elusive ideal of female beauty.
Available in Spanish and English, this one-hour film is colourful and kitsch, appealing to individuals of all cultures. Backstage footage, intimate interviews and candid portraits of the participants provide poignant, smart food for thought on the beauty industry.

Distributed by The Fremantle Corporation.

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