About Us
Founded in 1995, CINEMARIA is a Canadian television production studio that specializes in original, cutting-edge animated and mixed media and live action properties. Our most recent credits are Spittal, Bitchy Bits, Bitchy Bitch, Man-Made Women, Buttworld and Buttwars.  We have also produced Life's a Bitch, The Wondrous World of Greenthumb's Garden, and In Our Own Image.

CINEMARIA also provides creative content and script services to other international leaders in the fields of animation and children's programming. Our clientele includes Cinar Animation (The Little Lulu Show, The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Caillou - first prize winner in 1998 of l'Alliance pour l'enfance et la télévision, The Busy world of Richard Scarry, The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures), Ciné-Groupe Animation (The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo, Link), Publivision (The Lost World), Bardel Animation (Pig William), WIC Television (Cosmo's Rocket), Nelvana (Kid Kid Peter), as well as shows for TFC Trickompany (Germany), Ellipse (France) et EM Television and Merchandising (Germany).

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